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Vegetarian Pita Melt

Pepper and Mushroom Pita Melt

This vegetarian pita pocket is stuffed with sautéed mushrooms and peppers, creamy melted cheese, fresh tomatoes, and crisp lettuce to make a satisfying, healthy...

Easy Chicken Quesadillas

Easy Chicken Quesadillas

Made with shredded chicken, corn and red bell pepper, these easy chicken quesadillas are a delicious combination of zesty flavor and cheesy goodness.

Shrimp Fra Diavolo

Shrimp fra Diavolo

Shrimp fra Diavolo is an Italian-American dish of pasta tossed with shrimp in a light, spicy tomato sauce flavored with red pepper flakes and...

Peach Cobbler

Easy Peach Cobbler

Delicious served plain or topped with ice cream, this simple peach cobbler recipe is lightly sweetened has a delicate biscuit topping.

Scalloped Potato Recipe

Scalloped Potatoes

This recipe for classic, oven-baked scalloped potatoes is a tried-and-true family favorite that's easy to make and a favorite for holidays and Sunday dinners.