This is a collection of our all-time favorite recipes for holiday cookies and some tips for hosting an easy and stress-free holiday cookie exchange.

Photo collage: Hungarian kiffles, cranberry biscotti, bourbon butter cookies, cranberry orange bars.

For as much as we enjoy and look forward to it, the holiday season can certainly be stressful. Shopping, decorating, and extra cooking can take a lot of your time and it’s easy to get overwhelmed.

Hosting an exchange for holiday cookies is an easy, fun way to lighten up your seasonal baking chores. It’s a great way to get together with friends and gain a variety of homebaked treats to serve throughout the season.

Here are a few simple tips to keep your cookie swap fun, well-organized, and stress-free!

Who to invite

  • Invite 10-20 friends that like to bake. It’s a nice thought to include everyone, but calling upon friends or family who really don’t enjoy baking can cause them some unnecessary stress.

Lay out the guidelines in advance

  • It is recommended that each guest bring 6 dozen of their favorite holiday cookies. In order to avoid duplication, let guests know that they should have more than one recipe in mind just in case.
  • Have guests RSVP with the cookies they will be providing a week or two before the party. If you have too many of one type, contact guests and talk about their other options. Finally, ask guests to bring printed copies of their cookie recipe to share with others.
  • Let your guests know that the cookies they bring should be good for at least a week and to be sure they include storage instructions if they need refrigeration.
  • Set out plenty of serving trays and have plastic tongs on hand for each type of cookie to help keep hands out of the cookie jar.
  • Consider making some DIY holiday place cards and set them in front of each cookie serving tray to identify them.
  • Consider serving a few light appetizers and beverages. Check our Easy No-Cook Appetizer Party for ideas.
  • Consider how guests will bring their treats home. Whether you provide holiday-themed cookie boxes or ask that guests bring their own, we suggest that each cookie type be packaged separately to help them retain their best flavor.

So now that you are ready to host your party, here is a collection of our all-time favorite holiday cookies, including two that are among our most popular posts with readers: Hungarian Kiffles and Italian Ricotta Cookies.

This article was written by contributing author Jennifer Partridge. Jennifer is a freelance writer, artist, teacher, and experienced cook who has perfected a delicious gluten-free lifestyle. You’ll find her food articles and advice on gluten-free substitutions throughout the website.

Our Best Holiday Cookie Recipes

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