Dragon Fruit Margarita

For a change of pace, try this refreshing tropical margarita made with dragon fruit, a beautiful cactus fruit with a mild melon-like flavor.

Dragon Fruit Margarita



  1. Cut the dragon fruit in half crosswise and remove 2 thin slices from the center for garnish if desired. Using a teaspoon, scoop out the flesh and place it in a blender. The skin is not edible so you’ll want to discard it.
  2. Add the tequila, triple sec, simple syrup and lime juice. Blend on high until the dragon fruit is puréed.
  3. With the blender running on high, add the ice cubes two or three at a time until the drink is chilled to your liking.


About Dragon Fruit:

Dragon fruit is the fruit of a cactus that’s widely cultivated throughout Southeast Asia, the Philippines and occasionally Hawaii.

It has a vibrant pink skin and flesh that ranges in color from white to magenta.

The texture of dragon fruit is very similar to kiwi fruit including its edible black seeds.

It has a mild, not-too-sweet melon flavor, which makes it a nice choice for blending in a drink like our margarita.

Choose dragon fruit that are firm but yield to light pressure and have smooth, unblemished skin. Only the flesh is edible, so always discard the skin.