Choosing and Using Edible Flowers

Edible flowers have gained a lot of popularity of late, cropping up in specialty food stores and organic markets everywhere. They’ve been a mainstay for five-star restaurants for years, but there’s no reason home chefs can’t brighten up their recipes with some tasty buds, too.

When To Use Edible Flowers

Flowers can be added to salads, frozen and added to beverages, used in flavored oils, vinegars, sugars, marinades and jellies, crystalized or candied for decoration, and much more.

Flowers should always be used sparingly in recipes because larger quantities can lead to digestive issues.

Also, if you’re asthmatic or prone to allergies, you should avoid eating flowers altogether. Always be certain that flowers have been grown organically without pesticides or any other contaminants.

Before you start raiding your flower beds, let’s go over which flower varieties are safe and edible.

Flowers That Are Safe To Eat

This list is just a brief introduction to what popular flowers you can taste at home:

Flowers That Are NOT Safe To Eat – Toxic

There are other edible flower species not mentioned here, but here are a few toxic varieties you definitely want to AVOID: