Simplify your holiday menu planning with our tips for choosing side dishes and collection of easy vegetable recipes, many of which can be made ahead.

Four photo collage: Green bean casserole, roasted acorn squash, Brussels sprouts, pearl onions.

Choosing your main course is the easy part when it comes to planning a holiday menu. Adding side dishes that complement your entree is a little bit more of a challenge.

How to choose the vegetables for your holiday menu

When choosing vegetable recipes for your holiday menu you’ll want to consider three major points; flavor combinations, preparation methods, and family preferences.

Flavor combinations:

Consider the primary flavors in your main dish and choose one or two side dishes with similar characteristics, and one or two with contrasting flavors. For instance:

Preparation methods:

When planning a holiday meal, there can be a myriad of dishes to prepare. Since you’re most likely already using the oven to roast beef, pork, or turkey, a make-ahead, oven-baked vegetable side dish can be a great way to simplify. Consider easy choices like:

Family favorites:

Consider what your family has enjoyed in the past. If mashed potatoes are a perennial favorite and you want to add variety to your menu, consider a dish extra flavor but similar texture.

Whatever your holiday meal, all these easy vegetable recipes work well with classic entrees like turkey, roast pork and roast beef and should help make your holiday meal a memorable occasion.

Easy Vegetables for Your Holiday Menu