How To Taste Whisky

How To Taste Whisky

Dan Tullio, Global Brand Ambassador for Canadian Club shares the following tips for tasting their Classic 12 Whisky and others.

Step 1: Color

Pour 3/4 ounce of whiskey into a clear glass, preferably one with a narrow mouth and wide bottom.

Assess the color. The darker the color, the longer the whisky has been aged.

Step 2: Aroma

Aroma is a crucial part of the tasting experience as some of the flavors in whisky are volatile. Hold the glass in both hands to warm the whisky.

Place the mouth of the glass and inch away from your nose and inhale the aromas. Try to identify the fruity notes and do your best to describe them. Then move the glass closer to your nose. You should be able to identify some spice and perhaps butterscotch.

Before you actually taste the whisky, add a little bit of room temperature filtered or bottled water. This will release more of the whisky flavors and dilute the strong spirit, allowing you to appreciate the complex flavors without experiencing a "burn."

Step 3: Body

Take a small sip of the whisky and note the body of the flavor. Would you describe it as aggressive, sharp, obtrusive?

Step 4: Taste

The last step is to really "taste" the whisky. Take note of where it hits your tongue ~ the tip detects sweetness; the back, bitterness; the top, saltiness and the side, acidity.

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