Horseradish: Pungent and Spicy

Horseradish: Pungent and Spicy

Horseradish (Armoracia rusticana) is a perennial plant native to Eastern Europe, now abundant in other parts of Europe and the U.S.

One of the five bitter herbs of Passover, horseradish is mainly cultivated for its strong and spicy root. It is a member of the family that includes cabbage, mustard and wasabi.

Fresh horseradish has practically no smell, but as soon as it is grated, it releases a pungent and spicy aroma. Generally, vinegar is added to grated horseradish to preserve its flavor.

Prepared horseradish is used in the U.S. in sauces and condiments.

Popular uses include cocktail sauce for seafood and the classic Bloody Mary cocktail.

In the U.K., horseradish is an especially popular condiment for roast beef; Jewish cuisine uses a horseradish sauce called chrain for gefilte fish and Eastern European cuisines use horseradish in soups and stews.

We find it to be a great flavor accent for a variety of meats.

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