Homespun Hanukkah Celebration

Homespun Hanukkah Celebration

This Hanukkah menu is designed for casual entertaining and features dishes that can be prepared in advance, so you have plenty of time to enjoy your guests. We've chosen a brisket as our main course, slowly braised in a flavorful combination of red wine, oranges and rosemary.

Side dishes include roasted green beans tossed with shallots and walnuts, and of course, traditional potato latkes served with homemade applesauce. Rugelach is a satisfying, sweet conclusion to the meal, either served with freshly brewed coffee or tea, or a nice dessert wine.


Goat Cheese and Pine Nut Triangles

These savory pastry triangles start with refrigerated biscuit dough and are then filled with a mix of goat cheese, toasted pine nuts and sun dried tomatoes. Make them a day ahead for stress-free entertaining.
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main course

Red Wine and Orange Braised Brisket

Our main course is a red wine and orange braised beef brisket - elegant, but simple to prepare, this dish can be made a day in advance and reheated with no loss of quality or flavor.
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side dishes

Crispy Potato Latkes (Potato Pancakes)

Potato latkes (potato pancakes) are a perennial favorite that always make a hit. It's so easy to make great latkes if you follow our few simple tips.
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Rosemary Applesauce

Making your own fresh applesauce is super simple and well worth the little bit of effort involved. This recipe adds a sprig of rosemary to impart a subtle, aromatic flavor.
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Walnut-Shallot Green Beans

Versatile enough to pair with a wide variety of entrees, our Walnut-Shallot Green Beans are roasted at a high heat for a slight sweet flavor, then tossed with sautéed shallots and toasted walnuts.
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Dessert ~ Raspberry Rugelach

Classic rugelach, filled with raspberry jam, chopped walnuts and a dusting of cinnamon are a perfect way to wrap up this dinner celebration.
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