Save Your Favorite Recipes: How To Use ZipList

Here at MyGourmetConnection, we want to make sure that our site is as convenient and easy to use as possible, which is why we're partnered with ZipList, the universal recipe box and online grocery shopping organizer.

Save Your Favorite Recipes: How To Use ZipList

Save Recipes & Create Shopping Lists

You may have noticed the "Save Recipe" button just below the photo on every recipe and if you're not already familiar, this little guide will help you make use of it.

ZipList is a free service, and once you've created an account, clicking the "Save Recipe" button will allow you to save recipes from our site (and many others) to your own personal recipe box and, add the ingredients to an online shopping list with just one click.

When you find a recipe you want to try or save for later, click the "Save Recipe to ZipList" button.

A new window will pop up over the recipe and give you the option to add the recipe to your recipe box or add the ingredients to your shopping list (you may have to log in first).

Once the recipe has been successfully added, you'll get a confirmation window that looks like the image on the right.

You'll always be able to access your recipe box and shopping list directly from our website - just look for the links beside the ZipList logo in the sidebar.

Your Recipe Box on ZipList

As you accumulate recipes, your recipe box will look similar to the image below.

When you click on a recipe in your recipe box, you'll be taken to a page that shows all of the ingredients and the option to add them to your shopping list. (You'll have to come back to our site for the preparation instructions.)

Add to Shopping List

When you choose to add recipe ingredients to your shopping list, you'll get a popup window that looks like the image on the right.

It's divided into 2 sections and you'll be able to select or deselect items as needed.

Once you've added the items, you can navigate to your list, add other items and even organize the list according to the layout of the store you're planning to visit.

MyGourmetConnection Mobile & the ZipList Mobile App

If you're viewing our recipes on your smartphone, you'll find that we now offer the "Save Recipe To ZipList" link on the mobile version of our recipes too.

Once you save a recipe to your recipe box, you can switch directly to the ZipList app, which is free and available for both the iPhone and Android devices.

The ZipList app format is easy to read and navigate and has a lot of terrific additional features that make it easy for you to access your shopping list and recipe box wherever you go.

Learn more and get the free download links here.

Are you sold yet? Create A ZipList Account

If you haven't already, create your free account by clicking the button below.

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